Helping Team.

- We try to help on a one to one  basis,

- To solve basic computing problems,

on their own Laptop -  Tablet - Phone  etc

We encourage  people to take their own notes ,

- To Build Operational Confidence  ,

We often hear "I'm frightened of deleting stuff",

- Emailing -  Filing documents  - letter writing and general word processing

Address Template making - Spread sheets - Address book -

Drawing - anything  else ?



Technical Team

- The Technical team can usually sort out any Technical problem,

- As well as  giving advanced help & advice ,

- Help with  Internet  security and setting up systems

- Supply technical tips for our weekly letter

 - And try to keep us  up to date  as regards upcoming new products and technical advancement

What We Do

Every week  we
Send out A
Weekly Letter
 Every week
One to one  help
Basic and Technical
A Bi Weekly Projector Tutorial with
Q & A session